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Doors for Disabled Access

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  • 07-07-2016
Doors for Disabled Access

Fitting Automatic Doors for Disabled Access

When it comes to a building, there are many regulations to keep in mind. Learn what you need to know about providing access for disabled individuals.

The Disability Discrimination Act requires buildings to provide access for disabled people. You have to provide safe and effective access in order to conform to the requirements. That's why it's important to know about the requirements and how you can make your building comply.

You have to remove any physical barriers that may prevent a disabled person from gaining access to a building. They should be able to move freely throughout your building. Doorways should be accessible, as well as bathroom areas. Lifts and corridors should also be comfortable to move through. Part of providing these accessibility options include fitting the right doors.

We understand that it's important to get the right products. You should fit the correct doors that are not only compliant but also ideal for your building. We provide a variety of automatic doors in various styles and sizes. This means you can easily fit the right door to provide access for disabled people.

You can consider automated doors with access control too. Or you can choose a door that should be operated manually. This is just one of the choices we offer our customers. We can help you to choose the best door for your needs. Our team is experienced in the selection and fitment of all types of doors.

If you require disabled access automatic doors throughout Bedworth, Warwickshire or the surrounding areas then please call our helpful team today on 07774608971 to discuss your requirements.