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Choosing the Right Shop Front Doors

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Choosing the Right Shop Front Doors

Are you looking for tips for choosing the right shop front doors? A & T Doors Ltd offer shop front doors installation for Bedworth And Warwickshire. We explore the factors to consider when updating our retail and shop front doors.

Choosing doors for Retail Space

Selecting the most suitable doors for your store, shop, or commercial establishment can be challenging. You may need clarification on which environmentally-friendly materials, like recycled metals, and designs would make the experience more straightforward and error-free for your architects, builders, and potential customers to install and operate. 

Our guide will thoroughly explain each available shop front design, their features and which stores they are ideal for. Store owners may contact professional security door installers or manufacturer's services if they require a site visit, accurate measuring, survey inspections or further information.

How does an Automatic Sliding Door Work?

Size of the Shop

Suppose your business's shop floor possesses limited space for stock and your products; it is paramount to consider the available space that your new doors will have to operate in very carefully. 

Swing doors need lots of space to swing into that won't obstruct the high street or pedestrians passing by. Take a good look at the size of your shop when deciding the perfect doors for your wall space and the UK shop you occupy.


We don't recommend selecting a sliding door for owners with narrow shops, as this could ruin the window display by obstructing the view and making your shop appear unattractive. These displays are essential for clothes shops and shoe shops to create a first impression of the items. 

The aesthetics of your store are one of the most significant marketing tactics, as they are what will encourage plenty of customers to enter and browse. However, wider retail shops with plenty of extra space for sliding automatic doors make the entrance to your store more accessible and impressive-looking.

Choosing the right Shop Front Doors Bedworth And Warwickshire

Carefully assess the visual aspects of the doors of the premises you like the design of most and their features before purchasing and ask yourself if it would be advantageous to its aesthetic value. 

From an exterior design and architectural standpoint, it is a massive part of bringing in new customers and cannot be compromised. 

You may desire laminated or toughened glass shop fronts, aluminium shop fronts or wood shop fronts; you may be after fire glass for further protection and a stunning clean slate; whatever it may be, choose the one that enhances your store the best.


When professionals arrive to install any security doors made of heavy steel, these are the most suitable and appropriate types of doors for immense security levels. 

Discreet doors made of solid, durable materials, like aluminium or double-glazed glass doors, are perfect for those who acknowledge their customers will want to see through the glass technology to view the displays of shop items before entering. 

Discreet security door options are skillfully fitted over the right shop front doors and windows, allowing a more efficient level of protection against criminals, vandals and extreme weather. These can be installed inside and outside your store or shop according to your preferences, supplying you with an elegant image.

It's wise to consider whether your establishment needs grilles and roller shutter doors while selecting the most fitting doors, as this will ensure they aren't an ill-fitting afterthought and prevent incompatibility within your systems with obstructing guardrails that stop your security shutters from operating properly.

Security Doors - Choosing the right Shop Front Doors - Bedworth And Warwickshire


One of the most effective ways of tackling a limited amount of space within your shop is to install swing doors that go outwards. 

Glass swing doors with special glazing only work in specific areas under certain circumstances. For example, it wouldn't be wise to opt for an outward swinging entrance or exit door if you have a shop or establishment that leads onto a busy high street. 

Streets with limited pavement space are also out of the question, as these can result in pedestrians having to endanger themselves by walking on the road full of cars to get by. 

On the other hand, it is an ideal automatic door choice in places with less foot traffic or when shop fronts are slightly setback against the wall. Swing doors also comply with the Equality Act, enabling disabled customers and those with injuries to have immediate accessibility.

Choosing the right Shop Front Doors

Automatic Shop Front Doors

Automatic Shop Front Doors - Bedworth And Warwickshire

Automatic doors are an ideal selection for those department stores or shop front locations with an excessive flow of customers.

 They offer a smooth transition from inside to the outside without the hassle of pinning heavy doors open or customers holding the door open for long periods to let one another in. Often, especially during busy periods like Christmas time, customers rush in and out of stores carrying numerous shopping bags, pushing large shopping carts or pushing prams with young children inside. 

Adding these automatic doors in hardware stores or supermarkets makes the shopping experience much more manageable. It's also the most inclusive option, as automatic doors have installations help detect the presence of wheelchair users, making your store or shop disabled-friendly.

 Operating systems such as these typically allow for barrier sensors that prevent inconveniences or injuries from occurring whilst customers are passing one another that still work in emergency power blackouts.

Automatic Sliding Doors

Automatic Sliding Doors - Bedworth And Warwickshire

Automatic doors that slide are an effective method that helps curate a smooth and fluid transition from the indoors to the outdoor landscape, making way for two-way systems. However, they aren't the most suitable door option for all spaces. 

The sliding doors require plenty of room at the sides to install and operate, meaning that only entrances of a wider size can have them fitted.

 We highly recommend having your door spaces and walls measured by professional builders or engineers to ensure they will work for your property or space.

Automatic Swinging Doors

Swinging doors for your shop front will often be made with sleek designs for a double-door system; however, instead of such doors sliding or folding into one another, they swing inward and outward to open and close. Seamlessly integrating these types of swing doors into your property will require you to have plenty of room to operate, much like standard sliding doors, as you'll find these enable two-way traffic. 

Whilst picking swinging doors for your shop front is ideal for department stores, especially if they are in the form of gates. However, there may be better decisions for those shops leading directly onto a street as they may block the pavement when opened. You want to do as much as possible to minimise the space you take up for pedestrians.

Automatic Swinging Doors

Bi-Folding Doors

Bi-folding doors are an invention that enables users to open their homes or properties and create stunning space that widens the perspective and allows more natural light for a beautiful and brighter environment. 

A door of a bi-fold design will typically allow you and your household to transition from indoors and outdoors with ease and are ideal for a vast range of spaces, including offices, restaurants and hotel lobbies that offer different sections for different purposes. It is also a design with easy maintenance, making it cost-effective for the long run.

Internal Bi-Folding Doors

An internal shop front door is an entrance that enables all company doors to be explicitly connected and shaped into a concertina. 

Its design's flexibility makes these doors ideal for separating rooms from one another and ensures both spaces can merge into one when need be. All it requires is a simple folding of the doors, and you will have a one-way room with sunlight streaming in; it is overall more spacious and incredibly versatile.

Internal bi-folding doors are an excellent choice for office and meeting spaces, essential for open and private discussions with managers and executives. 

They are also the right choice for commercial purposes like shops and department stores, allowing owners to divide the space to operate different sections and sell different products. It's a wise option for domestic and commercial properties and industries, offering you lots to work with and relatively low maintenance.

External Bi-Folding Doors

Modern front doors are convenient to install and allow owners to connect outdoor and indoor spaces. External bi-folding doors enable your doors to take up less space than standard doors as they provide an accordion opening that draws in instead of swinging in or out. 

These products have numerous beneficial features, such as their ability to dramatically increase the amount of natural lighting they let in, which is perfect for those with smaller homes in crowded areas with very little light. 

Often referred to as concertina doors, sliding doors and patio doors, all forms of external bi-folding entrances are ideal for hotels, restaurants, and other business establishments. For example, those commercial properties with outdoor landscapes like gardens, play areas, parks and spas attached to them are typically great spaces for sliding doors.

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