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Choosing Your Automatic Door

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  • 29-07-2016
Choosing Your Automatic Door

Choosing Your Automatic Door

If you have to choose automatic doors, you have many options. Let's take a look at why automatic doors are so popular today.

There are many reasons why you should consider installing automatic doors. They can usually be seen in public areas such as shopping malls.

They are often used to provide unrestricted access to many consumers at a time. They are durable, convenient and very easy to operate. They will open automatically, and do not require manual operation.

Automatic doors also offer the safer option to use. You can install them at the entrance, and they will allow unrestricted access to your customers. They will automatically open and close as needed. They also won't close if there is an object in the way. This makes them a very safe option to consider.

There are many different types of automatic doors. There are sliding doors and swinging doors, among others. This depends on the layout of your building and the space available.

The door operator will be completely hidden, thereby offering modern appearance. These tools are easy to maintain, with regular inspection is always need. This is just to ensure that you adhere to all safety regulations.

The type of materials to automatic door is made of, is important. It should be durable and lightweight, easy to maintain. There are specific specifications that any installer should adhere to. This includes specific thickness of the glass as well. You will also have a choice over the material used for the frame. Materials recommended include aluminium, stainless steel, or galvanised steel.

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