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How does an Automatic Sliding Door Work

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  • 11-08-2020
How does an Automatic Sliding Door Work

It is a common question on many people's mind about how automatic doors work. Here is a guide to how they work:

How does an Automatic Sliding Door Work

To open and close, automatic doors use sensors which detect movement. To detect motion and movement, the sensors use infrared technology and are placed at the top and sides of the door frame.

Now, as people walk up to the doors, the sensors will be able to detect their movement, and the doors will open. The motion of the people walking through the door will keep the sensors activated. Once the motion is no longer detected, the doors will automatically close. 

You can also get automatic doors with a switch to put them on a set timer, which will cause the doors to open and close every so often, and there is also an option to keep the doors open permanently. Having the switch is a popular option, and is mainly used, in shops to make customers aware that the shop is open. The switch is also good for security. This is because it controls the amount of people coming in and out of your shop.

Choosing Your Automatic Door

How do Automatic Door Sensors Work?

The automatic door sensors use infrared technology to detect motion and control the opening and closing of the doors. There are different types of sensors, known as optical and motion sensors, and the other sensors use pressure to make the doors work.

The sensor that uses motor or optical detection will sense the motion, and the other type of sensor will sense pressure from something or someone. For example, feeling weight will make the doors open, or the motion of someone walking up to the door will cause the doors to open. 

When this pressure or motion has been detected by the sensor, a signal will be sent to the automatic doors. The signal will trigger the opening of the doors. Once the sensor can't sense the motion or pressure anymore, it will signal for the closing of the doors. 

The sensors are usually placed on the top and sided of the doors. This is so it is easy to sense when people are at the door, walking through the door and walking away from the door.

What are Automatic Sliding Doors?

Automatic sliding doors are the types of doors that open and closing using sensor technology. This means that you don't have to push, pull or press a button to open the door, you just walk in front of it and the sensor will open it, and close after it no longer senses motion or pressure. 

There are many different types of reasons why automatic sliding doors are useful. For example, they provide easy access for people with disabilities as they just open automatically. They can also control the amount of people coming in and out of the building. As well as all this, they can keep the wind and rain out of your property. 

Automatic sliding doors come in various designs, so you can choose the one that will fit with the look of your building. Many automatic doors have settings so you can have them permanently open, you can have them opening and closing on a timer, or you can have them on normal (opening and closing when the sensors detect motion or pressure).

What are Automatic Sliding Doors?
Automatic sliding doors

How does a Sliding Door Work?

There are many different ways that sliding doors can be installed; for example, they can be mounted or hung. The way they are installed will usually depend on the size of the building, the size of the door (if they are double or single) and the design on the doors. 

How does a Sliding Door Work?

The difference between mounting and hanging is the connection to the floor plane using the tracks and rollers. If the doors don't touch the floor plane, they are usually mounted by the sides of the frame.

It is important for sliding doors to have a track at the bottom to guide them along and ease the sliding process, and to ensure they don't collide into each other. Once the automatic doors have been activated, they will open using a sliding motion. 

There are many different types of designs for sliding doors, and ways for them to slide. They can just slide to one side, or they can slide away from each other. However, the way they slide might have to depend on whether you have single or double doors, so speak to a professional if you are unsure. 

different types of designs for sliding doors

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