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How Long Do Aluminium Shop Fronts Last

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  • 06-03-2023
How Long Do Aluminium Shop Fronts Last

How long do aluminium shop fronts last? A & T Doors Ltd are professional aluminium shop front fitters throughout  Bedworth And Warwickshire. This article looks at the types of shopfront available and the advantages of aluminium shop front installations.

How Long Do Aluminium Shop Fronts Last?

Aluminium shopfronts have immense durability, offering at least 20 years of lifespan, and it doesn't need consistent maintenance like other materials may.

Many metal materials can be susceptible to corrosion, swelling due to the weight of extensive difficult weather conditions, and warping under intense sunlight. 

Choosing the Right Shop Front Doors

Types of Shopfront

Across the UK, you'll find a handful of available options that you can choose from that are appropriate solutions for your shop front premises or business. It's vital that, before choosing, we have some understanding of each different type and their unique functions and features. 

 Security Shutters

You'll find that security shutters are an incredibly popular shop front solution, making for a significantly effective visual deterrent to deter criminals and steer them away from theft or vandalism.

Increased security shopfront shutters are made from metal and can be pulled down to protect and cover the commercial entrances of your shop front and anyone inside from harm or damage. They are an easy door front system to operate with electric and manual installations available on the market from aluminium and powder-coated steel fittings. 

 Glass Installation

Many store and shop fronts can be designed and created entirely out of eco-friendly glass, and this helps provide an air of class and lots of light for your indoor space, as it lets in lots of sunlight. Glass fronts often require high maintenance, including plenty of cleaning as they attract dust and fingerprint marks.

They will need immediate replacements if they acquire chips, cracks or visual damage, as the appearance can affect your business. Potential customers are more likely to avoid properties, shops and establishments to stay clear of accidents.

In the worst-case scenario, you may be forced to close if the damage is severe. Glass installations are some of the most visually appealing solutions perfect for first impressions, providing plenty of styles; however, they come at the cost of high maintenance. 

How Long Do Aluminium Shop Fronts Last? Aluminium Shop Front Fitters Bedworth And Warwickshire

 See-Through Grilles

A see-through roller shutter is simultaneously between a glass door or window installation and a security shutter. Its design skillfully combines accessibility, shop window displays and the highest levels of security that you can only achieve with aluminium and steel.

See-through grilles are made using extremely durable and aesthetically pleasing polycarbonate reinforced glazing, and they are most suited to shopping centres and retail departments with extensive stock that is incredibly costly and those that want to create a lasting impression. 

 Wooden Shopfronts

Timber or Wooden shop fronts are the best fit for those that own cafes, restaurants or boutiques, especially if you wish to achieve a more classic or vintage design for your shop premises or business.

Wood is significantly more effective for those with businesses and buildings situated in a small town or traditional village, which will ensure that it accurately fits in with the surrounding aesthetics and is robust.

Suppose you favour appearance, perhaps due to a lack of crime in your area. In that case, wooden shopfronts are a handcrafted option, ideal for those properties close to historical landmarks, period buildings and traditional companies in your area.

 Aluminium Shopfront

Eco-friendly aluminium shop front designs can offer property business owners many options and benefits; they are incredibly lightweight, durable, weather-resistant, and cost-effective. They require little to no maintenance and are easy to install on the outside of your shop.

Aluminium shop doors and shutters are skillfully designed and constructed by experienced teams with toughened glass and strong metals that enable employees, stock and secure documents inside with high-security levels, plenty of space for those walking on the pavement, and provides lots of light for workers and customers window shopping.

Aluminium shopfronts are a fantastic solution that ensures balance, allowing you to maintain modern design specifications and high levels of security. It is a type of metal material that requires almost no maintenance or extreme repair work, meaning they offer an extensive lifespan.

Over the years, it has become an ideal go-to solution for numerous companies searching for maximum security modern installations. It provides property owners and business clients with a broad range of durability, security and cost advantages.

Advantages of Aluminium Shop Front Installations - Bedworth And Warwickshire

Advantages of Aluminium Shop Front Installations

 Renewable & Eco-Friendly

Aluminium is such an abundant material that is entirely recyclable, so it's always available on the market and fantastic for the environment.

Another essential quality is that it is so renewable that when it is reused and recycled, it remains robust, and none of its strength is diminished, meaning it is always an effective material to use. You'll receive plenty of the benefits of its versatility and strength while investing in eco-friendly shop fronts and ensuring your carbon footprint stays low. 


You can very easily customise aluminium windows and doors to suit your needs and business requirements, as it is such a versatile material. Aluminium is much like PVC materials in its flexibility but far more robust.

No matter what shape it is crafted into, its immense tensile strength always remains, making it a much more reliable metal. In doing so, you can fit this material into any establishment, factory or warehouse space, and it would mould perfectly, leading to impressive designs that can benefit the image and attractiveness of your business.

In the fabrication process, aluminium can be curved and bent into any shape so that you can achieve a modern-looking, sleek and smooth shop front without unsightly rivets and joints. Some even offer installations for automatic doors, swing doors and sliding doors, so whatever you desire, aluminium can achieve these. 

 Easy To Update

Company-registered aluminium shop fronts are one of the most straightforward materials to paint or spray paint to enhance the appearance of your shop or establishment property.

Many shop front seller specialists allow such a process to be completed on-site, enabling you to adapt your shop and business branding immediately without the need for a costly, inconvenient refit. You can add patterns, change the colour scheme, or opt for new designs whenever necessary. 

Easy To Update - How Long Do Aluminium Shop Fronts Last? Bedworth And Warwickshire

 Money Saving

When buying a shop front door or material for your home or business establishment, getting good value for your money will be a priority; aluminium is a 100% recyclable material that is abundant and cheap to purchase.

It offers thermal performance second to none, so when coupled with high-quality glass windows and doors, it can help maintain ambient temperatures and lower your heating bills inside your home or property.

You can reduce heat loss and heat gain by approximately 60% with adequate aluminium frames, and you'll find that these frames are low maintenance and incredibly cost-effective. An excellent way to curate home or business savings is by buying aluminium shop fronts, enabling you to invest further in other aspects of your company or home improvement. 


Aluminium is a relatively lightweight metal material, making it flexible and versatile; however, that doesn't prevent its immense strength and durability. Shop fronts made of aluminium are designed to withstand the elements and any harsh weather conditions thrown at them.

When searching for a shop front material, it's best to opt for one that is robust enough not to heat up when under direct sunlight or rust in the rain, which makes aluminium the perfect choice, as it does neither.

Aluminium offers strength and durability, enabling it to last much longer than other materials; it can last up to 20 years and more if well-maintained. Suppose you're conscious of your business's branding. In that case, you can spray paint the aluminium metal in different colours and create pictures and patterns that reflect your values and colour match the palette with your logo.

Material as durable as aluminium is relatively low maintenance and doesn't require too much attention; it can cope with a broad range of elements and prolonged weather conditions due to its corrosion-resistant properties. Some materials are susceptible to splitting, warping, cracking or swelling; however, aluminium is not one of the materials that suffer.

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