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Automatic Shop Front Doors Installation
Bedworth and Warwickshire

Are you looking for reliable automatic shop front doors installation in Bedworth and Warwickshire? We offer automatic door manufacture, installation and servicing. We work with high street shop fronts to create a welcoming entrance for your customers.

Here at A & T Doors Ltd, we have over 15 years of experience within the automatic doors industry. We excel in providing our customers with a range of services to help them get the right look for their shops.

Automatic Shop Front Doors Installation Bedworth and Warwickshire

The right shop fronts are not only appealing but paramount for the safety of customers. Our products are of the highest quality materials and standards. Our range of doors is extensive, and we supply the most modern and up to date shop front automation.

Automatic sliding shop doors

We specialise in the installation and manufacturing of doors and shop fronts. So contact us to discuss installing your automatic sliding shop doors. Due to our skillset, we mainly work with commercial and corporate clients.

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We help them transform their shop fronts into precisely what they have always wanted. If it is a single door or full shopfront automation, we have a wide range available.

Types of Doors We Offer

Sliding doors are most suitable for premises that frequently require accessible entrances that are easy to use. 

Automatic sliding doors are perfect when considering the needs of disabled customers or employees. 

The Disability Discrimination Act and Equality Act 2010 enforce all industrial establishments, public buildings and landmarks to take all necessary steps to employ manual, accessible entrance for everyone regardless of their ability.

We manufacture swinging doors with either single or double leaf, whichever you prefer. 

In addition, our expert professionals can provide low energy or fully automatic swing doors to benefit all parties.

A & T Doors Ltd also offer Revolving doors. Revolving doors are best suited to buildings and associations with relatively high footfall, for example, hotels, supermarkets and shopping centres. 

These doors allow you to save on energy as they reduce heat loss; they efficiently stop extreme draughts due to their tight close. 

We offer Telescopic doors which are ideal for all narrow opening doors. Telescopic doors incorporate additional automatic sliding doors with active leaf; these optimise the space available. 

Entries like the telescopic provide 30% more opening width and do not take up any other or extra room. 

Bi-folding doors can create a thoroughly modern, contemporary aesthetic for your property or professional premises. 

The Bi-folding door creates a beautifully seamless link for your exterior and interior areas. They are perfect for areas with tight spaces as they fold together to reduce space.

Supply and Installation Service 

A & T Doors Ltd can supply and install shopfront aluminium roller shutter on any size window or door. 

Our services offer complete privacy, security and high-quality door installations to give you the best experience. We'll install for all uses and purposes, whether it is to prevent frequent vandalism, other security reasons, privacy, or extreme weatherproofing. 

In addition, we have a wide range of wide shopfront commercial doors available in various materials and metals to offer all kinds of protection that your store building requires. 

Automatic doors are perfect for areas where there is significant foot traffic, such as shops, larger retail plots, libraries and numerous other public places or landmarks. 

Automated entrances are excellent for containing all outdoor noise and heat from hot weather. 

In particular environments, these doors help provide a safer area and are very accessible for all those with disabilities or injuries. In addition, we can install automatic doors in place of existing entries. 

We can supply and install automatic doors to secure numerous public sector companies and educational buildings. 

Our business has a wide range of automatic doors that operate in various ways, from sliding to swing systems perfect for securing all school entries and lobbies. 

We understand how important it is to have security and secure doors in a school building, which is why we supply and install high-quality doors that are tight and have fire exit qualities for an emergency. 

A & T Doors Ltd offer automatic doors for various business buildings, areas and landmarks, including hospitals. 

Our range allows us to provide hospital personnel doors either double or single leaf and fit with code systems to lock the doors safely. 

Our services can supply and install access systems on existing doors or fully installed new door or shutters. 

All our access systems are top-quality, and our expert staff are fully qualified to install systems that will keep you safe and ensure constant safety and privacy. 

A & T Doors Ltd will fit and install automation devices and systems onto pre-existing doors so that you don't have to invest in or purchase a new entry if you cannot afford to do so. 

We offer this service for both domestic and commercial doors. 

Commercial Automatic Door Installation

If you want some automatic doors for your shop, then we are more than happy to help you. We can manufacture and install automatic doors into your shop that will complete any look you want them to. Whether it is automatic sliding or swing door systems, we can supply and install them.

Commercial Automatic Door Installation

A & T Doors Ltd provide a full and honest service, and we listen to your requirements, If you are looking for a thoroughly modern or traditional look for your commercial premises, we can supply and manufacture just what you want.

Automated door systems give ease of access to commercial and industrial premises alike. Our automatic shutters are far safer and easier to use than heavy manual ones. They also provide added security to your shop front.

Who wouldn't want to make their premises look modern but also secure? Our company appreciates how vital safety and security is. All our doors are manufactured and installed to the highest standards.

Whatever design or features you have in mind, we have a wide range of products available. Our dedicated team is waiting to discuss your plans with you.

Automatic opening doors for disabled

Automated door systems offer easy access for disabled people. A heavy manual door can be challenging to use and access. We will work hard to make sure that the doors we create for you are in keeping with the designs you have in mind.

If you wish to install automatic opening doors for disabled call us today. The correct entrance to your business will make accessing easier and safer for visitors and customers alike. With our help, you can create your dream shop.

Automatic opening doors for disabled

Due to the size of our company, we can offer you a very personal service. We will work with you throughout the manufacturing stage of the project to make sure that the doors we build for you are perfect.

We will meet with you and discuss your requirements. Your automatic door systems will be made and designed to your specifications. We care about our customers because, without you, we wouldn't have such a successful business.

We are leading the way in aluminium shop fronts and shop front automation. We offer a tremendous hassle-free service and use the best products available.

Automatic Doors Servicing

Do you require automatic doors servicing? We also have a sister company that can provide all of the maintenance work you may need for your automatic doors after we have installed them. We will build and install your doors, and our sister company will keep them looking and working great for you.

A & T Doors Ltd are your first choice for automatic doors in Warwickshire. If you would like our help with designing, building and installing automatic doors onto your shop, then please get in touch.

We will be more than happy to help you get your business looking the way you want. Our team have many years of experience, coupled with excellent customer service; we will cater to all your business needs.

So call 07774608971 today for Automatic Shop Front Doors Installation  throughout Bedworth and Warwickshire.

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