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Whats Involved In Shop Front Fitting

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  • 26-10-2022
Whats Involved In Shop Front Fitting

What's involved in shop front fitting? This article looks at how shop fitters work and what to consider when choosing shop front fitters?

What are Shop Front Fitters?

Shopfitters are businesses that are hired in order to design, create, and assemble the structure and layout of a shop according to the various needs of the shopowner.

This means that the shop front fitters will purchase and install all the various pieces of equipment, figure out exactly how much furniture the space needs, what the furniture will be used for, where it will go, order the needed furniture, and then install it all.

In order to deliver on this kind of large project, the shop front fitting companies will commonly work with a large multi-talented team of professionals. One of the most important members of the team is the interior designer.

There will always be an interior designer on one of these teams. There will also be someone who can create furniture, someone who can go out and buy furniture that needs to be purchased, professionals who can put together a unique shop front sign, and other workers with other specialised skills.

Shop front fitters will work with both small independent stores and large corporations, such as supermarkets and department stores. The major perk of hiring a shop front fitter is that it allows the clients, the shop owners, to concentrate on the quality of the customer service, the products, and the profitability of their business model.

The shop front fitters could take care of everything else.

Advantages Of Aluminium Shop Fronts

How do shop fitters work?

You might be wondering, but how exactly do shop front fitter businesses work in practice? How much of their work is done independently, and when is the client needed in order to make it all function?

Below are the five major steps of the process that go along with working with shop fitters.

 What's Involved In Shop Front Fitting

01. A deep dive into the business

This is the step which always comes first when working with shop fitters.

The shop fitters will need to do some deep research into the business in order to have an understanding of how the shopowners are planning to use the space and exactly which activities will take place in that environment.

They need to know this so each section of the space can be purposefully designed.

02. Evaluating the space

The second most important area of a shop fitter's role is deciding where all of the furniture and equipment they have acquired is going to go.

This means that the shop fitters need to consider the entire measurements of the space they are planning and also remember vital requirements such as power sockets. This is where architects and engineers will need to become involved in the project.

03. Coming up with a project

After the team has come up with a plan of everything they will need for the space and the restrictions they will have, they can then draw up a design plan.

The layout of the space will be drawn in order to fit all of the activities that the space will be used for.

An interior design professional will also be brought in to ensure that all the branding side of the business is being taken care of.

Branding needs to cover all elements of the space, for example, colour palette, furniture, signage, and more.

Another option is sometimes chosen by clients. They will opt to have the shop fitters follow design drawings that have already been created by another professional in the past.

a shop fitter's role

04. Client approval

This is the moment when the shop fitters present the client with all their plans. They need to explain the reasons why these decisions have been made.

One thing that needs to be shown is a schedule, so everyone knows a timeline of all the events. It is important for the client to know when the project will be completed. If the client agrees to everything, then it's all go, and the building of the store will begin.

05. The setting up 

These are the final arrangements for constructing the shop. Shop fitters will choose and order all the pieces that need to be delivered and then ensure it all arrives at the shop on time. Next, they will install and test all the equipment. When this job is finished, the shop will be ready to open its doors to the public.

What Do You Need To Consider When Choosing Shop Front Fitters?

What do you need to consider when choosing shop front fitters?

Good Reputation - It is important to find a company that has a good reputation and good reviews. Shop fitters that have a strong portfolio are another fantastic sign that they can be trusted.

Just doing a simple google search should give you some results that relate to what customers have felt about the process of working with the business.

One or two bad reviews shouldn't be a cause for concern, this happens with most businesses, but if they are all negative, then you are best opting for a different option.

Designs & Layouts - A shop front is a reflection of what customers will find within the store. A shop front should be packed full of the store's personality and passion. Have a look at the fitter's website to see what designs they have worked on in the past.

Which materials have they used? Do all their designs look the same? It is important that you find a shop fitter that will have a variety of different options and will give you the creative freedom to make the shop front your own.

Personalised Service - Do you have any idea where you would want to start with this project? It's okay if you don't! The world of shop fronts is huge, and there is a massive range of different tailored options that you can choose from.

The best shop fitting services will guide you through the whole process from start to finish, with personalisation choices at every step.

This includes design, the sourcing of materials, installation, and even maintenance. If you have any specific needs for the space, then you need to have a fitter you can trust and tell them these plans. If you choose correctly, then the fitter will make sure that every requirement you ask for is added to the designs.

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