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Why Automatic Doors

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  • 20-07-2016
Why Automatic Doors

Why Install Automatic Doors?

Automatic doors have many benefits to offer. They are especially helpful in large buildings and shopping centres. Let's take a look at why you should consider installing automatic doors.

If you have a shopping more, the entrances are very important. This is why you should consider installing automatic doors. Not only do we provide greater access to your customers, but they provide unrestricted access as well. This is important as you have to provide access to disabled people. They should be able to move freely without any restrictions. This should be possible throughout your centre.

Another reason why you should consider automatic doors is the safety aspect. With these automatic doors have scanners that can detect an object in its way. This means they will not close when someone is in the way.

They will also automatically open when you want to move through the door. Research shows that consumers favour automatic doors in all public areas.

Automatic doors comprise of two or more separate panels. These can slide or swing to provide access. You can also provide right-handed or left-handed doors.

There are many options with automatic doors and they are very versatile. The door operator is completely concealed, thereby giving a modern appearance. They can also easily be locked after hours to provide added security.

Automatic doors are very convenient to use. You don't have to manually open the door anymore. They can also allow more people into your building at the time. This improves the traffic flow and the convenience of the centre. These doors are also very modern and stylish.

If you require automatic door installations throughout Bedworth, Warwickshire or the surrounding areas then please call our helpful team today on 07774608971 to discuss your requirements.