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Commercial Automatic Door Fitting


Who do commercial automatic doors benefit from?

Automatic doors are perfect for a wide range of industrial, residential and commercial uses. Commercial uses are grouped into five main sectors: retail, professional services, education, sport and leisure and healthcare. In addition, because automatic doors are hands-free, they are ideal for disabled people.


Why are Automatic Doors Beneficial at Commercial Applications?

Space Management:

Lots of buildings have minimal space. Automatic doors are an ideal solution. They do not require the extra space that traditional doors need.  


Automatic doors are hand free, so struggling with heavy doors is not required. They provide ease of access for disabled and elderly customers and anyone carrying heavy items.


Automatic doors are equipped with many safety features, including timers, sensors and wireless remotes to enable them to be locked or unlocked without you having to be present.

Energy Saving:

Automatic doors can cost more to install than manual doors; however, they can help you reduce costly energy bills; the doors will only open when access is required.

Makes Traffic Flow Easy:

Automatic doors will enable traffic to flow much quicker and easier than a hoard of people struggling with manual doors.


What affects the type of automatic doors I need to install?

Before installing automatic doors, you will need to consider several factors speed and force that the doors open with, width, weight and whether they are for two-way traffic or full pedestrian. 


What are the types of Automatic sliding doors?

The different types of automatic sliding doors are Overhead Automatic sliding door, In-floor linear automatic sliding door, Prismatic Automatic sliding door, Curved sliding door, and Oversize Automatic Sliding doors.


When to choose Automatic Swinging Doors

Automatic swing doors are perfect when your premises have many visitors, and sliding doors are not an option.


When to choose Automatic Sliding Doors

Most companies and healthcare services choose automatic sliding doors when they require ease of access for visitors. They are perfect for wheelchair users, pushchairs, and shopping trolleys.


How much does it cost to install an automatic door?

The cost depends on the style, size and type of door you require'Contact A & T Doors Ltd for a free no-obligation quote.


What happens to an automatic door in the event of a power failure?

You can push emergency breakout automatic doors open to avoid accidents in an emergency or during a power failure.


How do automatic doors work?

Automatic doors work with the use of sensors. For example, sensors can pick up when pedestrians are about to enter your premises. The sensor then triggers the automatic doors to open and then close when they are clear.  


What are automatic doors used for?

Automatic doors allow visitors to pass through a door with ease. They are used in many different premises, including schools, hospitals, hotels, supermarkets, offices, sports centres and commercial buildings.


How often do I need to service automatic commercial doors?

Under workplace, Health and Safety and Welfare) regulations of 1992. It is recommended that automatic commercial doors should be serviced every six months. A specialist fully qualified engineers should carry out the service.


How do you maintain automatic doors?

The best way to maintain your automatic doors is as follows:

Have them serviced regularly.
If any minor parts are worn or not working, replace them straight away, it is much cheaper to replace a part than a whole door.
Check the doors regularly to make sure they are working correctly.
Keep the automatic doors clean and clear of obstructions.
Never force them to open quicker. You might break them.
Extend the warranty; this will give you peace of mind they can be fixed effectively and quickly if anything goes wrong with the automatic doors.


How wide should a door be for disabled access in the UK?

According to the Department for Social Development in the UK, a disabled access door must be at least 825 mm in width, approximately 32.5 inches. The calculations are possibly based on the standard width of a wheelchair, ranging from 24 to 27 inches.

A doorway 32 inches wide should give enough allowance for manoeuvrability. Sliding automatic doors are ideal if wheelchair access is required for your premises. They are far more expansive and don't require manual opening.

Shop Front Fitting


What are Aluminium shop fronts?

Aluminium is perfect for shop fronts. They are designed to withstand the weather, whatever it has to throw at them. Aluminium will not rust when it rains, and it will not overheat in direct sunlight. In contrast, other metals and materials will.


Do I need to maintain aluminium shop front fittings?

Compared to other materials, aluminium is relatively low maintenance; however, you still need to keep the aluminium clean and regularly check your shopfronts components to make sure all the doors, locks and catches are working correctly.


What are the benefits of aluminium shop fronts?

Aluminium is durable and sustainable.
They are easy to customise and update.
They can last for approximately twenty years if you maintain them properly.
They help keep your premises secure.


How long does an aluminium shop front take to fit?

This will depend on the size and style of the shop front. A & T Doors Ltd will give you an accurate estimate once they have visited your premises, taken all the measurements, and discussed the design you would like.

We also have a sister company based in Bedworth that can provide you with all of the maintenance services you may need to maintain your aluminium shop front. After we have built it and installed it for you, they will keep it looking and working great for you.

We always work hard to satisfy our customers and give them exactly what they want. This is what our reputation has been built upon for the past 15 years.

Our customers mean the world to us and so we always work hard for them. If you would like our help with creating the perfect aluminium shop front for your shop then please do get in touch. We will be happy to help in any way we can.

Contact us today on 07774608971 for aluminium shop fronts fitting and repairs Bedworth and Warwickshire.